This house is open to the sun, friends and the four winds


Circeo is within easy reach from Northern Italy by taking the SS. 148 Pontina road going south past Latina.

From Southern Italy, the SS. Domiziana road should be taken, with great care to the recent deviations that have been recently carried out in order to avoid local traffic.

It is also possible to get here through the "Highway of the Sun", both from South and North, turning at the Frosinone exit. From there take the SS. 156 Monti Lepini road to Priverno, where you can follow the signs to San Felice Circeo. Circeo is approximately 100 km away from Rome, and 150 km from Naples.

The closest airport is Fiumicino, while the closest train stations are: Latina (35 km from Circeo) and Priverno-Fossanova (30 km).

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